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Atlanta Braves Shouldn’t Trade for Manny Machado

Tuesday 15 May, 2018 | RSS Feed

Atlanta Braves Shouldn’t Trade for Manny Machado

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Manny Machado is a great player but he shouldn’t be a trade option for the Atlanta Braves. Machado is set to hit free agency at the end of the year and will be a high priced rental.

Renting a player of Machado’s caliber shouldn’t be an option considering the cost. It will be a high price to pay one demanding the team having real World Series hopes.
For the Braves it seems unlikely Manny would vault them into Series contention. Thinking about how the team is built their biggest weakness has been pitching, not the lineup.

Adding to a strong lineup might cement the Braves make the postseason but it is hard to say it vaults them to the top of the National League.

Machado would be the frosting on the proverbial cake that is the Braves lineup. There is little need to improve the lineup when you take a look at the rotation and bullpen.

The rotation has been inconsistent and injury-plagued while the bullpen is just plain bad. Adding Machado costs the Braves a premium and does nothing to fix their real problems.

Adding a reliever and a starter isn’t unthinkable for the same price it would take to land Manny. As exciting of an add as he would be he isn’t the right fit for Atlanta.

This season has been a surprise, it was supposed to be the final year of the rebuild. Instead, the Braves have become surprise contenders and are hanging in the wildcard and division race.

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